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Kathryn Bernardo’s Taste Of Tequila: How Much Does It Cost?


Kathryn Bernardo’s Taste Of Tequila: How Much Does It Cost?

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Clase Azul has become the talk of the town, especially after actress Kathryn Bernardo added a touch of glamor to her recent getaway, sharing snapshots of her vibrant escapade with friends. The spotlight, however, landed on Kathryn’s choice of a shot—Clase Azul Reposado, leaving many curious about its story and the price behind its allure, which stands at approximately PHP16,500 in the Philippines.

There are numerous collections for this tequila depending on its age, including ones for 25 months and 5 years. Clase Azul is not just a drink; it’s a piece of Mexico’s vibrant culture. The name itself, meaning “blue class,” pays tribute to the beautiful hues of blue scattered across the Mexican landscape. Crafted by Arturo Lomeli, it’s not merely a tequila; it’s a celebration of Mexican luxury.

For those curious minds, here are some fun facts about Clase Azul:

1. Reposado Rules

Clase Azul’s reposado tequila, known for its rich flavor from months of aging in barrels, is what made the brand stand out as ultra-premium.

2. Variety in Bottles

The Clase Azul collection boasts six tequilas and two mezcals, each offering a unique flavor journey, from reposado and añejo to silver tequila and specialty styles like Tequila Gold and Ultra.

3. Mezcal Magic

The mezcals crafted by Clase Azul carry distinct flavors linked to their origins. Mezcal Guerrero, with herbal notes, comes from the mountains of Guerrero, while Mezcal Durango, medium-bodied, is made from Cenizo agave in northern Mexico.

4. Artistic Bottles

Each Clase Azul bottle is a piece of art, taking at least two weeks to create. Handmade and painted by Mexican artisans, they tell stories of Mexico’s history and culture.

5. The Accidental Bell Top

The iconic bell-shaped top of Clase Azul bottles wasn’t planned; it happened by accident during efforts to use sustainable materials. Now, it’s a symbol associated with the brand.

6. Luxury Edition Extravaganza

Clase Azul marked its 15th anniversary with a limited edition of 15 luxury bottles in 2017, priced at $30,000, or approximately 1.7 million each. Adorned with amber and 24-karat gold, it remains the brand’s most expensive creation.

7. A Taste of Culture Experience

In 2021, Clase Azul introduced a unique dining and tequila tasting experience called A Taste of Culture in Los Cabos, Mexico, blending tequila exploration with traditional Mexican cuisine.

8. Preserving Folk Art

Clase Azul’s commitment to Mexican artisans is evident through Fundación con Causa Azul, a non-profit organization preserving and promoting Mexican folk art.

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Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/claseazulofficial/, https://www.instagram.com/iamsofiaandres/